25 Jul 2016

Pokémon GO: Explore The World And Catch Em All!

Looking for fun in Pokémon GO? We have a review that can pretty much give you the essential ideas needed to get started with this hyped app. About Pokémon GO Pokémon GO has been designed by Niantic, which
7 Apr 2016

Word Trek: Amazingly Tough and Well Designed

Think you can solve every kind of word puzzle? Think again because Word Trek – Word brain puzzles ensures that you have a hard time. About Word Trek Word Trek – Word brain puzzles is a free
5 Apr 2016

WordBrain Themes: Puzzling Grids for More fun

Ever played WordBrain and enjoyed the genre? WordBrain Themes promise more and comes from the house of the same team. About WordBrain Themes If you enjoyed playing Ruzzle and the alike, you will love this one by
11 Mar 2016

Apensar: Great Puzzles With New Elements

Get more fun out of guessing with Apensar: Guess the Word, which brings some new elements in the genre of word guessing around picture clues. About Apensar ICO Group has designed and released the app, and it
28 Feb 2016

Wordwhizzle: Keep Guessing With Word Clues

Bored with the same kind of word games? Try out WordWhizzle, which promises to be different in many ways. About WordWhizzle The game was initially launched for Google Play, but recently it has debuted on iTunes too.
20 Feb 2016

Word Imposter: Great Fun with a Double Premise

Think you have a thing for guessing word puzzle? Word Imposter promises to take that fun to the next level, with a smart tweak in the game play. About Word Imposter Word Imposter is a fun guessing
17 Feb 2016

Words Crush: Five Modes, Better Fun with Words

Think you love word games that get you addicted? Get started with Words Crush – Hidden Words, which has a identifiable premise but with some good elements that demand attention. About Words Crush The game is available
14 Feb 2016

Emojination 2: Get Creative With Puzzling Emojis

If you have loved EmojiNation, which was great fun, you will also fall for EmojiNation 2, which brings much more for all kinds of players. About EmojiNation 2 The team that has designed and released EmojiNation –
12 Feb 2016

1 Pic 8 Words: More Clue, Double The Fun

With some interesting tweaks to genre of word guessing, 1 Pic 8 Words promises to be fun for players looking for picture clue based games. About 1 Pic 8 Words 1 Pic 8 Words comes from the
10 Feb 2016

WordSpace: Word Guessing Gets a Makeover

Want to get more with word guessing? Take a shot at WordSpace, which promises to be a great game with the right elements and a great funny design. About WordSpace WordSpace has been designed by Blue Wind,